Today, I’ll continue our discussion about writing winning offers with a few tips on how to write one when the seller is looking for convenience:

1. Allow the seller to choose when to close escrow. This typically comes up when a seller is trying to close on their property and also buy another one, but they’re not sure when their purchase will close. Allowing them to choose the close of escrow date lends them flexibility and makes your offer more attractive. 

2. Offer the seller post-possession. We do this when the seller needs the money from their sale to move out of the property or to buy another one. Post-possession simply means the seller can live in the property for a certain amount of time after it has been sold. Usually, this is a short period of around five to 10 days and makes it more convenient to sell a property and buy a new one so they don’t have to move twice.

3. Accept the property as is. This could mean not asking the seller to do any repairs or waiving any disclosures to make it easier for the seller.

If you’re looking to buy a property, we’d be happy to help. Just reach out to us by phone or email any time.