There are a few simple tips to follow if you’re planning on investing in real estate. These tips will ensure that you get the highest return on your investment.

There are three tips I’d like to cover, today.

1. Find the right location. In any area, the best locations are near the center of the city. This is where the good schools and the most jobs are. However, be careful not to pay for premium lots. Views don’t appreciate. Paying extra for things like this won’t bring you high returns.

“Investors should seek out properties that will bring you the most appreciation.”

2. Find the right type of home. It’s important to seek out properties that will bring you the most appreciation. Single-family homes with a minimum of three bedrooms and two bathrooms will be ideal for this. Avoid homes across from schools or on busy streets. Also, make sure there’s no pool. Pools bring extra expenses and extra liability.

3. Find the right price. Look at entry-level price points. In Phoenix, this means looking at properties that are less than $300,000. Entry-level properties are easier to rent and easier to sell.

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