Overpricing is a major mistake that, unfortunately, is common among home sellers.

Usually, sellers overprice their home because they want to net more money. Occasionally, they also overprice in order to control the market and sell for more than what the market can bear, although this is very difficult. The problem with overpricing your home is that buyers are very savvy nowadays. All they have to do is look online at other comparable properties to see if yours is overpriced.

To keep you from overpricing your home and ensure you sell quickly and net as much money possible from your sale, we created our trade-in program, a home selling program designed to attract buyers and entice them to offer better terms and fewer concessions in their offers.

The first part of this program is the Buyer Rebate offer. With this rebate, buyers get $3,000 cash if they buy your property. This amount comes out of our commission, so it’s no extra cost to you.

“The problem with overpricing your home is that buyers are very savvy nowadays.”

The second part is the Buy and Sell for Free offer. If a buyer wants to buy your home but they have a property they need to sell first, we offer to sell that property for free—no listing commission charges at all. This will save them as much as 3% of their home sale costs.

The third part is the Rental Lease Buyout program. If the buyer is a tenant and still has several months left on their lease and can’t afford to make two payments, we have them cancel their rental agreement and then pay for their cancelation fee. This saves you the extra monthly expenses of holding your property for that buyer.

The fourth part is Relocation Assistance. If your buyer is from out of state, we offer to pay for their moving expenses. Again, this comes out of our commission and is no extra cost to you.

The final part is the Next Day Cash Sale. If the buyer wants to buy but also needs to sell their current property quickly, we have an investment division that can make a quick cash offer for that home and close on it within 10 days.

If you’d like to know more about this program or you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. My team and I would love to help you.